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Advocacy & Action

Hoosiers Helping Home & Hospice Care 
Hoosiers Helping Home & Hospice Care  is a state Political Action Committee (PAC) and grassroots network dedicated to reaching, educating, and electing candidates who are committed to preserving Hoosier’s right to receive health and personal care in their homes.

A Guide to Talking to Your Legislators
Comprehensive Legislator Engagement Strategy for Post-Acute Health Services by Grandview Health Services

Advocacy Corner
Advocacy Corner includes how to find your legislator and the Corydon Group's Advocacy 101 presentation.

Because of federal and Indiana anti-trust laws, certain topics are not proper subjects for discussion at any IAHHC functions. In many cases, our members are competitors and any action or agreement which may eliminate, restrict or govern competition among members or their colleagues could be a violation of anti-trust laws. Those violating the anti-trust laws are subject to severe criminal and civil penalties.

This means that we must not discuss any items falling within the realm of competitive practices, such as current or future prices or charges; discounts for cash payments; terms of service; productivity rates; profit levels; credit terms; or refusal to deal with a particular third-party payor or medical equipment vendor. Please adhere strictly to these guidelines during all IAHHC functions to protect yourself and your agency from liability.

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