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Code of Ethics

Revised November 2008

This Code of Ethics is intended to inform the public that IAHHC and its members endeavor to operate their businesses and provide care to their patients with honesty, integrity, and in a manner that comports with the highest ethical standards. Because this Code is intended to provide a broad statement of the high standards to which IAHHC and its members strive, under no circumstances shall this Code be interpreted or construed
as establishing a minimum standard, or any evidence of a minimum standard, of the safety, due care, or any other obligation which may be owed by IAHHC or its members, or either of their employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers.

Members shall treat their patients with respect and dignity. Members shall recognize, observe, and uphold their patients’ rights and shall provide care to their patients in a manner that respects these rights and allows each patient the ability to exercise those rights.

Members shall provide care to patients regardless of the patients’ race, creed, color, religion, sex, citizenship, national or ethnic origin, or other basis prohibited by law. Members shall recognize, observe, and uphold each patient’s right to privacy and shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of patient information at all times.

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